Why QuadBandit is better than a Phone Armband or Phone Belt

Ever wish there was a way to simply keep your phone in your pocket during your workout, without it bouncing around, falling out, or getting in the way? No more dealing with an armband that slides down your arm and gets in the way of upper body movements. No more belt that looks like a fanny pack. No more fishing your phone out of a compartment to answer a message or change a song. Well, QuadBandit is the answer.

QuadBandit is an innovative new product that allows you to get rid of the phone armband or phone belt once and for all. With QuadBandit, you can quickly and easily access your phone simply by reaching into your pocket. QuadBandit integrates with the existing pocket on your workout shorts or pants to keep your phone secure and out of the way. Unlike an armband or belt which must be tight enough to support the entire weight of your phone, QuadBandit only has to be tight enough to hold your phone against your leg. Your shorts pocket will supports all the weight of your phone. This means QuadBandit will stay in place, without slipping like an armband or belt.

Furthermore, QuadBandit works with any phone, with or without a case. That’s right, you won’t have to buy a new armband each time you get a new phone or new case! Even better, QuadBandit is worn out of sight, underneath your workout clothes, so no more tanline from your armband or wearing a belt that looks like a fanny pack.