Frequently Asked Questions

Can I access my phone while using QuadBandit?
  • Yes. Accessing your phone is as easy as taking your phone out of your pocket.

Does QuadBandit come in different sizes?

  • No. QuadBandit has an adjustable buckle so one size will work for everyone.

Will QuadBandit work with my phone?

  • Yes. QuadBandit will work with any phone, whether its an iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, LG, HTC, or anything else.

Can I use QuadBandit with a case on my phone?

  • Yes, it will work with any case. Furthermore, you should definitely have a case on your phone while using QuadBandit. Anytime you are using your phone during physical activity you are likely to eventually drop it.

Why is the buckle release on the inside?

  • Having the buckle release on the inside prevents you from accidentally hitting the button and unfastening the QuadBandit during your workout.

Will QuadBandit be tight or uncomfortable around my leg?

  • No. It can be as tight as you want it. QuadBandit works so well because it doesn’t have to support the weight of your phone, your pocket does that. QuadBandit just holds the phone against your leg so it only needs to be tight enough to support its own weight. After using it for a while, you'll be able to figure out how tight you need QuadBandit to be. While running or doing high intensity workouts you may want it tighter than if you’re just trying to keep your phone from falling out of your pocket while lifting.

Can I use QuadBandit without pockets?

  • No. You need pockets on your shorts or pants to use QuadBandit.

Will QuadBandit work with any shorts or pants?

  • Yes, as long as your shorts or pants have “loose” pockets. That is, as long as the bottom of your pockets aren't sewn onto your shorts or pants.

Will QuadBandit cause sweating?

  • QuadBandit is designed to cause minimal heat discomfort. The elastic is breathable and only 1.5 inches wide. Furthermore, your shorts or pants will wick or absorb most moisture before it gets to the QuadBandit.

Will QuadBandit cause chaffing on my leg?

  • No. QuadBandit is made out of soft elastic. It doesn’t have to be too tight so it won't cause any discomfort on your leg.