Why QuadBandit is the Best Workout Phone Holder


Easily access your phone while you work out. For whatever reason you need to use your phone, it’s nice to be able to do so easily. While using the QuadBandit, it’s as simple as pulling your phone out of your pocket. Furthermore, you can replace it with one hand. When your phone is in an armband or belt, it can be a pain to pull your phone out of a compartment and put it back in just to skip a song or check a message.

It’s great for lifting. Ever wonder where to put your phone while working out? Ever have your phone fall out of your pocket doing dumbbell bench press and not know if you’re about to smash it when you drop the weights? Ever stick your phone in your waistband so the bar isn’t banging against it while doing deadlifts or hang cleans? QuadBandit allows you to secure your phone on either the front or side of your leg, keeping it in your pocket and out of the way.

It’s great for running. Nobody likes their phone bouncing when they run. QuadBandit will stop your phone from boucning, while allowing you to quickly access it. No more running with a phone armband.

It’s great for Crossfit. Whether you’re doing Olympic lifts, box jumps, burpees, GHD sit-ups, or handstand pushups, QuadBandit will keep your phone from bouncing, falling out of your pocket, or getting in the way.

It works with any cell phone, with or without a case. Unlike most armbands that are made for a specific model of a specific phone, QuadBandit will work with any phone. Even better, it will work with a case still on your phone.

Its not visible when you wear it. Yes, most belts look like a fanny pack and your armband is going to give you a farmer’s tan when you run outside. QuadBandit is worn out-of-sight under your workout clothes.

You’ll hardly notice you’re wearing it. QuadBandit is probably the smallest and lightest device on the market for securing your phone while working out. QuadBandit works so well because it’s not supporting the weight of your phone, your pocket is. Armbands and belts have to be tight to keep your phone from sliding down your arm or waist; QuadBandit only holds your phone against your leg, so your phone won’t slide no matter how intense your work out is. You can put it on before your work out and only use it as necessary. When not in use, it’s just a 1.5” elastic band around your leg that you won’t even notice. It’s made with a soft, lightweight material so it’s not going to cause excessive heat or chaffing during use.