"I bought this from quadbandits website rather than Amazon because it was cheaper and had free shipping. I love it. Took a bit of testing to get it the right width to stay up while running, but once its set it works great. I run 6 mile stretches. Doesn't move or fall down. It's pretty comfortable wearing, no chaffing or constricted feeling. Phone stays put while sprinting as well. Simple designed product that works exactly as intended. I'll be using this instead of an armband for forever."

- Paul on May 11, 2017

"I've been scouring the web looking for the best way to carry a phone while running. I've looked at armbands as well as the little running 'fanny pack' types of accessories but none of them fit the bill for what I needed. After some Google searching, I stumbled upon a running forum where someone suggested the QuadBandit (QB) as an option. After trying it out, I can’t believe that this little accessory isn’t more well know!

I placed an order and eagerly waited for it to come. After it’s arrival, I had some difficulty getting it adjusted to the exact length or tightness that I needed on the band. Now, that is no fault of the product. That was my own failing to not quickly realize how to properly adjust the band. Once adjusted, the band felt great on my quad!

Now you might be wondering, why this accessory over arm bands or other the running waist packs? First off, the band is really affordable. At $11.99 and free shipping, you can’t beat the price. Armbands don’t allow as much ease of access to your phone while running as the QB does. In addition, they can have issues with collecting/holding sweat and causing damage to your phone. Running waist packs allow you to hold more items but, if you’re like me, some people just don’t like the look of them. The QB lets you easily hide it under your shorts or pants. I wear 5 inch running shorts and it easily covered over the band.

One size fits all allows you to easily adjust the band to cater to whatever size you need.
The design allows for easy access to your phone while running.
Strong band keeps phone securely in place. No more annoying phone bounce!
Super affordable! At $11.99 and free shipping, you can’t go wrong.
The design allows you to easily hid it under your shorts/pants for a concealed look.

No cons that I can think of!

Now, let me just say a couple things about the owner of QuadBandit, Matt. Hands down he has provided me one of the best if not THE best customer service I have ever had! After my order, I wasn’t seeing an update on the product shipping page. Matt was VERY quick and timely to get back with all of my emails asking about the shipping date. I had a race coming up the week that QB was supposed to arrive and he offered to over night me the product, at no extra charge, to ensure it go here on time! During my race, I had loosened the QB band a little too much and it slipped off. Again, this was no fault of the QB itself but user error in not properly adjusting the strap’s tightness. I couldn’t find the QB after the race so I told Matt I would most likely be purchasing another one and he graciously offered to send me a new one FREE OF CHARGE! I was absolutely floored. Matt, I can’t thank you enough for your generosity, helpfulness, and outstanding customer support!

For anyone on the fence about trying the QuadBandit, give it a shot. You won’t be disappointed!

Note: As of yet, I don’t know how the band holds up to sweat over prolonged use but I will try and update this review as I use the band more."

- TheAmazonGuy on May 8, 2017

"I absolutely love my QuadBandit! I've been disappointed by all sorts of other bulky phone workout options in the past but I've finally found my solution in my QuadBandit! I've even worn it with my suit pants a couple of times."

- Dan B. on Mar 31, 2017

"This is perfect! I always kept my phone in my pocket, never wanting to use those armbands. The phone would fall out all the time on benches and I would have to hold it during runs. Now, this thing holds my phone still NO matter what I do. In fact, I play basketball with my headphones in now, and it keeps it secured. Its exactly what I have been waiting to be invented."

- Aaron G. on Feb 04, 2017

"I've been using the product for a couple of weeks now, and I have to say I really love it. I heard about the QuadBandit from a comment on a reddit thread on runnin, and after checking out your site thought that it was a great idea. I used to use an armband when I ran, but those things aren't made to fit every type of phone. With the QuadBandit, it was also much more comfortable and easier to listen to music. Being able to keep my phone in my pocket during runs protects it from rain and snow and makes it much more accessible whenever I need it. I think you have a really great product here and will be recommending it to friends."

- Matt on Feb 03, 2017

"I'm impressed with the QuadBandit and definitely will be using this instead of the phone armband. It conceals my Iphone 7 Plus nicely under my shorts, holds tightly against my thigh and doesn't get in a way of my rigorous workout. I will get another one, so I can have a phone on one side and a wallet on another side. The usage is limitless. I can see myself wearing it underneath my jeans in high theft area/crowded place such as club to prevent pick-pocketing. I can also wear it underneath my compression shorts to firmly hold my phone/wallet since compression shorts have no pockets."

- Kyle on Oct 13, 2016

"Easy to use and works just as advertised. I used to workout with an armband, but found it too time consuming to change songs or read a text during the workout. Struggling to get my phone in and out of the soft plastic cover in the armband took more time than it was worth and despite the plastic being advertised as touch sensitive I could never really get it to sense my fingers well. With the quandbandit, putting in and taking out my phone is much faster so I can just touch the screen directly. I like the quandbandit so much all my gym short purchases will now require pockets."

- Matt on Sep 22, 2016

"Up until QuadBandit came out the only option for phone holders for exercise and physical activity were armbands or waist clip-ons that are clunky, annoying, and ineffective. QuadBandit eliminates all of that hassle with a truly innovative design that works no matter what physical exercise you are doing. I've used my QuadBandit during sprint workouts, long distance runs, traditional weightlifting, and high intensity crossfit workouts. It's never failed. Music is key to a motivating, hard-hitting, productive workout for me. No more phone slipping out of my pocket or down my shorts or sweats.. No more worrying about the bar hitting my phone. No more having to run with my phone in my hand. The QuadBandit allows me to listen to music and stay motivated throughout my workout. I couldn't ask for anything more. Truly exceptional product."

 - Dan Marquez on Sep 19, 2016

"Really just a great product. I've used it on runs and while lifting. I also used it to keep my phone secure while I was shooting around on the basketball court. The most important thing is making sure you adjust the size so that it fits right. After that, you hardly notice you're wearing it."

 - Joe on Sep 19, 2016

"Quadbandit is a great idea that meets the needs of the user. Honestly I thought often of doing something similar to this product but was always to lazy to do anything about it. When I would run in the past I have had situations where my phone would bounce all around in my pocket...just super annoying. I personally can't stand having anything wrapped around my arm and this is the best way I have found to fix this annoyance. It fits snug but not tight around your thigh...Most certainly would recommend the product to anyone who would want it."

 - Lyle on Sep 19, 2016

"The wife and I love it. So much better than the arm bands we have had to deal with. More comfortable, better access, and no lame fashion accessory to see."

 - Matthew on Sep 14, 2016

"Worked perfect for my hike today. Kept my phone in place but ready for pictures!"

 - Rob on Sep 06, 2016

"Used This helpful device on a two mile run, jump rope, and heavy bag workout. The tunes kept going through the hour without fail. No chafing or scraping from the band on the legs and no interference with my stride. Used regular iPhone/IPod earphones. Highly recommend this great product for anyone who loves to work out with music."

 - Jay on Aug 22, 2016

"The Quadbandit is an even better concept and design than I expected in ordering it. I vary my workouts between standard weightlifting, HIT, and moderate distance running. The Quadbandit performs superbly in each activity. It stays put, securely holding my phone while allowing for easy retrieval of it at any time. It is easily adjustable to accommodate different sized individuals or different placement up and down your thigh based on the length of your shorts/placement of your pocket. Most importantly, it is constructed of high quality and comfortable materials such that I barely notice wearing it. I highly recommend it for anyone from the casual exerciser to the high performance athlete."

 - Ethan on Aug 10, 2016